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Coaching sessions are focused on helping you fully apply specific Finding Your SUMMIT strategies to your life, to help you clearly define and follow through with action plans, and track your progress. Note:

These coaching sessions are not executive coaching, life coaching or any type of professional counseling. They are offered solely through the Everest Elite package for the purpose of providing a thinking and accountability partner as you work through the eLearning and Finding Your SUMMIT strategies.

  • Coaching sessions are for 50 minutes and conducted virtually via Skype or Go To Meeting.
  • Coaching sessions are based on availability.

Introductory offer: $350.00 / 50 min session


"Sometimes we just need an accountability partner, someone to inspire us, push us, be on the journey with us. If you're committed, ready to own your life and achieve great things, let's go!"
- Mark Pattison


Enhance your experience?


  $350.00 / 50 min session

  • Personal one-on-one coaching with Mark Pattison or Deb Klein

Course immediately available after purchase. 
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