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10-part eLearning Program
Join Mark Pattison and Deb Klein as they guide you through the full Finding Your SUMMIT video-based eLearning course. Throughout the 10 interactive modules, you’ll learn how to crystallize your best ideas, move them into action, truly follow through, overcome obstacles, best leverage key others, and track your progress.


The course is built to accommodate your pace. Embedded in the course, you’ll find both an ePlaybook and companion eJournal that you can type in, customize and save as you go, so you can quickly and easily capture your ideas, your thoughts, goals and action plans....and you can modify them as your expedition to greatness unfolds.


Exclusive Access to Team Huddles
As an Everest Elite member, you also receive access to three of our monthly team huddle webinars. During team huddle webinars, Mark Pattison and Deb Klein will explore best Finding Your SUMMIT practices in greater depth.

This monthly forum is exclusively for Everest Elite members taking the eLearning who want to connect with others, problem solve, gain inspiration and keep their momentum going as they apply course strategies. The team huddle gives you access to Mark and Deb, along with networking opportunities with other Everest Elite summiters.

Limited Time Introductory offer: $995.00


"If you're a high achiever, willing to dig deep and committed to your true success, join our Everest Elite team today. Remember, it takes a little more to make a champion, let's GO!"
- Mark Pattison

10+ Hours of Self-paced eLearning

65 Page ePlaybook

65 Page eJournal

Finding Your SUMMIT Playbook and Journal
The ePlaybook and eJournal are automatically part of the eLearning course, but sometimes there’s nothing like having a book in hand. If you prefer books over screens to write and plan, purchase the eLearning course companion Finding Your SUMMIT Playbook and Journal.

These printed, high quality action booklets are soft cover, 6” x 9”, and designed to guide your Finding Your SUMMIT journey, mirroring the flow of the content in the eLearning course.
• $45.99 includes free shipping


Finding Your SUMMIT Coaching
As an Everest Elite member, you have the exclusive option to supplement your package with virtual one-on-one Finding Your SUMMIT coaching sessions with either Mark Pattison or Deb Klein.

Coaching sessions are focused on helping you fully apply specific Finding Your SUMMIT strategies to your life, to help you clearly define and follow through with action plans, and track your progress. Note: These coaching sessions are not executive coaching, life coaching or any type of professional counseling. They are offered solely for the purpose of providing a thinking and accountability partner as you work through the eLearning and Finding Your SUMMIT strategies.

  • Coaching sessions are for 50 minutes and conducted virtually via Skype or Go To Meeting.
  • Coaching sessions are based on coach availability. 
  • Coaching sessions are for an additional fee, and offered at discounted rates for Everest Elite members:
    $350 per 50 minute virtual session




Join Our Elite Team!




  • 10+ Hours of self-paced eLearning
  • ePlaybook
  • 65 Page Printed Playbook
  • eJournal
  • 65 Page Printed Journal
  • 3 Team Huddle Webinars
  • eNewsletter
  • Membership in Finding Your SUMMIT community


$350.00 / 50 min session


  • Personal one-on-one coaching
    with Mark Pattison or Deb Klein

Course immediately available after purchase. Return Policy