A Great Start!


Get started with a sampling of Mark's practical Finding Your SUMMIT strategies.

In the Trekker package, you'll receive an email with a link to 3 mini modules. Each mini module contains one inspirational video from Mark and one mini module flip book (9-15 pages) designed to help you begin to build the foundation needed to unleash your potential, achieve your goals and live your purpose.

  • The first mini module focuses on exploring what matters most in your life.
  • The second mini module helps you define the daily habits you'll need to set you on the right path to be able to sustain success over time.
  • The third mini module helps you start to uncover your SEED, or your life-changing idea. It's this idea that becomes your guiding focus.

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"Let's get on to the important business of taking your personal life, your business, or your career to the next level. We hope the Finding Your Summit strategies are just the game-changer you need!"
- Mark Pattison

(3) one minute Inspirational videos from Mark Pattison

(3) 9-15 page pdf mini-modules





Finding Your SUMMIT Playbook and Journal
If you prefer books over screens to write and plan, purchase the eLearning course companion Finding Your SUMMIT Playbook and Journal.


These printed, high quality action booklets are soft cover, 6” x 9”, and designed to guide your Finding Your Summit journey, mirroring the flow of the content in the eLearning course.
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A Great Start!




  • (3) 9-15 page pdf mini module flip books
  • eNewsletter
  • Membership in Finding Your SUMMIT community


$45.99 includes free shipping

  • Printed copies of the 6"x9" softcover Playbook and companion Journal

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